KILACHAND HALL—This morning, Jeff Willard (CAS ‘18) reportedly woke up his roommate Fred Daniels (CGS ’18) at around 10am this morning after noticing Daniels had slept through his alarm. The alarm had been set on September 19th, 2015, to wake him up for class the next day.

“By March I was starting to get curious what that ringing was.” admitted Willard. “It wasn’t coming from outside, and I don’t wear a watch anymore since, well, that’s a story for another day.”

Daniels, who had slept a total of 5,304 hours, claimed to feel “refreshed” after waking up, understanding that the blame belonged solely to irresponsibility on his part.

“I had a pretty wild night the night before,” Daniels explained. “I was up until like 2am reading a syllabus, so I guess it makes sense. My parents always told me to listen to my body. If I need sleep, I need sleep!”

Over the course of the year, Willard and friends had occasionally questioned Daniels whereabouts, but all assumed the busy life of a CGS student had kept him heavily occupied. It was only today that Willard happened to glance in the direction of Daniels’ room and found him sleeping.

Daniels was proud of the quick-thinking and decision-making displayed by his roommate, whom he had only met days prior upon moving in.

“Honestly, it’s great that Jeff stepped in like that,” Daniels continued. “We never got around to setting any roommate agreements on stuff like waking each other up, so he really showed some initiative.”

Daniels unfortunately missed his 9am class today, but reportedly could “learn to forgive” his roommate.

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