COMMONWEALTH AVENUE—Sources have confirmed that BU student Aaron O’Neill (CAS ‘16) could have sworn that the College of Arts and Sciences was right here the other day.

“What’s going on here? I’m pretty sure that CAS is supposed to be right here on Comm Ave,” said O’Neill, standing on the sidewalk in front of nothing. “Now I feel all turned around…I’ve got lecture in 10 minutes!”

O’Neill, who has walked to CAS almost every day this year since he arrived at BU, was shocked this morning, the first day of classes after Hurricane Sandy, to find that the building which houses three of his four scheduled class lectures did not seem to be at the location that he had walked to so many times before. “This is really embarrassing,” O’Neill said.

“Students across campus have been experiencing bouts of acute spatial amnesia all day,” says Mitzi Kane of Student Health Services, located in Kenmore Square. We’re trying to determine the cause and find a solution as fast as we can.“

Students don’t know what to make of the situation “I was trying to get food at Cane’s but I walked in and realized that I was standing in the lobby of SED. What’s the matter with me?” said Cheryl Nunez (COM ’15). “It also took me a lot longer than usual to walk to class today. I must be getting out of shape.”

At press time, Aaron O’Neill is still trying to figure out where CAS is. “It’s gotta be around here somewhere,” he said frantically. “I just have to check that big red campus map. Speaking of which, where is the campus map, anyway? I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be right here on Comm Ave.”

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