COM—Out of sheer respect and celebration for generations worth of Irish culture, Zak Renner (COM ’18) nearly wore a green shirt today.

“You know what, I remembered it last night, and I had really been meaning to, but I just left in such a rush this morning and it must have slipped my mind,” said Renner, earnestly.

The Irish Heritage Society was honored by Renner’s attempt to wear a green shirt today, who are typically frustrated with the lack of participation in their favorite holiday.

“We are flattered by his bold gesture,” said Aaron Tulucci (SHA ’17), president of the IHS. “He really went the extra mile today and I think can serve as an example to his peers.”

Few students participated in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, although President Brown did wear his favorite money suit.

“I can’t take credit for the idea,” admitted Renner. “My mom reminded me that it was almost St. Patrick’s Day on the phone last week. From there, it was just chance that my alarm clock went off 30 minutes late.”

Renner also intends to celebrate Easter by thinking of places he would hide the eggs he plans to buy.

At press time, Renner reportedly asked his classmates when “the next one of these things” is “gonna be.”


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