SOUTH CAMPUS—Reports confirm that after spending his fall semester with the Madrid Study Abroad Program, self-proclaimed Hispanophile and Boston University student Aiden Thomas (CAS ’15) is officially an expert on Spanish culture.

“It was such an immersive experience. I don’t think I’ll never be the same,” Thomas told sources while pinning a Spanish flag to the wall above his bed. “Madrid is my home now.”

“Mi casa,“ he added, wiping a tear from his eye.

In addition to his rigorous 3-day school weeks, Thomas spent much of his free-time studying “adolescent cultural anthropology,” which involves regular visits to several local hot spots of culture, including Moondance ClubKiss Kiss Bang Bang Madrid, and La Oliteca, his local liquor store.

“Really allowing yourself to meld together with a local community different from your own just brings people together, hombre,” Thomas told us, while flipping through photos from his scrapbook titled La Vida Loco.

“The salesman and I were on a first-name basis by the end. Oh José…” he added, flashing a nostalgic smile. “Or, Juan, actually. Yeah, it was definitely Juan.”

Since his stay in Spain, Thomas has become a devout fan of Madrid’s sports teams. “Oh yeah, gotta love it,” he said, popping open a jar of Chi-Chi’s Salsa. “All the top pubs would play the fútbol games in the background. Oh, sorry, I mean ‘soccer’, as the Americans call it.”

In addition to his extensive knowledge of Madrid’s rich culture, Thomas gained some lifelong friendships.

“I can’t imagine my time there without Sarah, Jessica, Bobby, and Andrew,” he began. “That hot girl with the bull tattoo also makes the list. Camila? Maybe.“

“All in all, Madrid was the richest, most ojo-opening time of my life. You can’t put a price tag on a growing experience like this.”

At press time, Thomas was seen taking shots of José Cuervo at the BU Pub.

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