BOSTON—St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are always a big deal in Boston, where many city residents are of Irish descent. In pre-pandemic times, Bostonians would attend parades, parties, and bars to celebrate the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint. Yet one aspect of the holiday remains the same this year: college students will day-drink on March 17. 

The Bunion spoke to several BU students about how they plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while following social distancing guidelines. Samuel Finnegan (COM ’21) claims that he and his buddies will each down a couple forties before noon. 

“Oh. Wait. I didn’t realize Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day… Of course, I’m going to drink a Guinness to celebrate. I’m Irish and will celebrate this very special occasion by drinking during the day!” Finnegan said. 

Roommates Anna Kendzora (ENG ’22) and Carolina Hernandez (CAS ’22) told us they plan to finish a twelve-pack of White Claw throughout the course of the day. Both women claimed that they would celebrate St. Patrick’s Day “like it was any other White Claw Wednesday.” 

It appears that the pandemic has made day drinking a new normal for many young people. Some BU students have said they don’t drink alcohol during the day, but will do so only for St. Patrick’s Day.  Mark Carol (CGS ’21) said  “I could never get anything done if I drank before 11 am. But I can’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day. An excuse to drink beer for breakfast… instead of lunch.”

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