The Netflix show “Squid Game” has become an international phenomenon, and Boston University has decided to join in on the fun and PR opportunity by having their own version. 

In a statement, BU said, “We saw how the global community was enjoying these “Squid Games” and we wanted to bring it to our own community! In the first 40 minutes of the one episode we watched, the players looked so happy! We wanted to give our students an opportunity for fun and at the same time give our investors entertainment. It’s a real win-win!” 

Broke college students rejoiced at the idea of getting a hefty prize from the institution that is sucking their bank accounts dry. Students have speculated that the prize could be cash, complimentary housing, or even free tuition! However, there is a twist. BU is not giving away free tuition or cash, but a 100 dollar GrubHub gift card… 

The first game was a spin on the classic Redlight-Greenlight, but players were blindfolded as they attempted to make it across Marsh Plaza without stepping on The Seal. The giant animatronic girl, who is actually in CFA, honed in on mistakes, and half of the pack was eliminated. Eliminated players suffer a fate worse than those in the show: they have the 4 o’ clock slot for registration, which means the only classes left are an 8 am physics lecture and 10 pm philosophy seminar.

After students completed the daunting challenge, they learned of the prize and, in a shocking turn of events, most of them continued playing. One student, simply known as Player 069, said, “I’ve gotten this far. A hundred dollars is a hundred dollars, man. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of all the Dominoes I can get after this.” Notably, Dominoes cannot be redeemed on the gift card according to BU. 

As the competition progressed, the games became increasingly challenging. The second game was to locate the astronomy wing of CAS without help, and about 75% of all COM students were eliminated. Other games include an obstacle course through the construction site on Com. Ave, trying to appeal for FAFSA, eating shrimp from the dining hall and surviving the trip to the bathroom, and saying the 70k tuition is worth it with a straight face. 

At press time, The Bunion has learned that there will not be a sexy businessman to slap students in a game of ddakji before entering the competition despite the desperate pleas from contestants. 

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