CHARLES RIVER CAMPUS—Big-Little week is now upon Boston University’s greek community and freshman Jenna Fusland (SMG ’18) was shocked her big was finally revealed, and drastically much smaller than her.

Fusland said she had expected to be taller than her big, given that the ADPi freshman measures in at six feet and two inches, but she just expected that she would be, “a few inches bigger than her little, not a few feet.”

“I knew something was going on when I came home on Tuesday to find the bottom half of my room extravagantly decorated with cakes and gifts, but everything from the bed up was stark.” said Fusland.

The big in question, Hannah Small (SMG ’17) said she was not offended by her little’s surprise. “I’m used to the audible gasps. I did years of service in Big Brother Big Sister, and people were shocked throughout all of that too.”

The pairing proved to be quite convenient after all because Small and Fusland now won’t need to worry about looking the same when wearing their matching sorority letter shirts. Fusland’s new ΣMΛ apparel works as a crop top, while Small fashions the same shirt as a fill length gown.

ΣMΛ stands for Sigma Mu Lambada, or “Small Medium Large” as was on small’s Big Little reveal day Instagram caption.

“I think this pairing is the best thing that has happened to us. I can fit in her tote bag when we go places together. It’ll be so cute. LML (love my little)!” said Small.

At press time, Fusland was helping Small reach the top drawers of her dresser in her Stuvi apartment suite.

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