After her three-month internship at the renowned television studio “NBC,” Sarah Smith (CAS ’19) can confidently say that she now possesses a new professional skill set in ordering coffee.

“Yeah, I interned at NBC, it was a huge deal,” said Smith. “Like, sometimes they would trust me with ordering in everybody’s lunch.”

Smith also enhanced her professional palette in many other facets such as cleaning offices, staying out of peoples’ way, and kissing her boss’ ass.

“It was an intense interview process, and I talked all about my background in television,” reflected Smith. “Going forward, I can add to that and talk all about how I know what a double mocha soy fat latte is, and about how I can carry like 6 hot drinks at a time!”

At press time, Smith was interviewing for a position at WGBH, dumbfounded when they asked her what camera technology she is most familiar with.

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