After a long few weeks covered with snow (the same as last winter), that one snowy sidewalk FINALLY got plowed. Her friends celebrated with her, and definitely took note of her newfound sexual maturity.

“She’s really happy she took this step, after making sure it was the right time and that she was ready.” A nearby sidewalk commented supportively. “We honestly weren’t sure if it was ever going to happen. There were a few times last winter where it almost did, but just… didn’t.”

After said plowing, other sidewalks in the area re-evaluated how long it had been since they were plowed, if ever.

We caught up with the giddy sidewalk the morning after. “I think now that I’m a bit more experienced, I could get plowed more regularly. Maybe every time it snows, if I’m lucky!” she said with a laugh.

She told us she wants to thank her understanding friends for not pressuring her, and that one special guy over at BU emergency services.

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