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While studying abroad in Sydney, Grace Barnhart (SHA ‘19) is renting her Sleeper Hall single on AirBnb to lucky Boston-area tourists.

“I thought it was great way to make some cash while I’m away from school,” she said. “I know the place is disgusting, but I left a bottle of Febreze in the room so it’s all good.”

As a hospitality major, Barnhart thought long and hard about this clever plight, despite the fears that come with renting out your residence.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic,” she said. “My dad used to bring all sorts of strangers through our home when mom was gone, so I feel like I was bred to do this.”

As far as cash goes, Barnhart is swimming in it. She did so by using unique tactics like allowing male guests (even though her floor is female-only) and using her friend Claire to deliver dining hall food to guests, as a form of room service.

When trying to determine whether Barnhart’s move was legal or even practical, The Bunion writing staff found that she was spot on. AirBnb’s “Hosting Help” regulations page states that there are only two types of residences ineligible for listing:

  1. “Motor vehicles or watercraft intended for mobile use.”
  2. “Any listing whose primary purpose isn’t serving as a lodging.”

“I read the rules and realized I was totally in the clear,” she said.

Reviews of Barnhart’s Sleeper Hall, 13th floor single, demonstrate she’s been hard at work as a Hospitality major:

“Seeing vomit on the floor in the communal bathroom was a bit off-putting, but it’s still only my second-worst experience with Airbnb.”

–Kacey M from Golden, TX
3 stars

“It was my first experience visiting the US and I have to say, the culture I witnessed was absolutely fascinating! I had no idea ‘bitch’ could be a term of endearment!”

–Charlotte A from London, UK
5 stars

“The people on the floor were all weirded out by the fact that I was a 30-year-old man, except this one person who called me ‘daddy’ and asked if I wanted to try Ketamine. Overall great trip.”

-Steven E, Los Angeles
4 stars

Barnhart’s single is going at just $30 a night, so book your stay while you can.

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