MORSE AUDITORIUM—Asserting that “This is completely reasonable and there is absolutely no need to worry,” political science professor and secret detective Charles K. Fannity explained to his PO111 class during yesterday’s lecture that students had no reason to be alarmed regarding the drop in average grades from the first midterm to the second. “The material definitely got a lot harder from the first midterm to the second midterm, so really, it’s totally fine if you didn’t understand it quite as well,” said Prof. Fannity.

After processing scantrons and calculating the grade distribution, Fannity found a median test score of 80%, slightly higher than the mean score of 78.8%. This average sits slightly, though certainly not concerningly, lower than the first midterm’s 85% median and 83.1% mean. Sources still report the same scrub who got a 20%, as well as a person who got a 100%, whose identity nobody can seem to figure out.

At press time, Fannity received an email from the IT department noting an error in scantron grading. After reprocessing the exams, the second midterm’s grade distribution turned out identical to the first. Unfortunately, three quarters of the class had dropped out to secure an illustrious W on their transcript.

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