When Wayne Bruce (QST ‘21) walked into his living room he found a group of his friends sitting on the couch waiting for him.  “We are here because we care about you,” the group said.

The group was formed by Bruce’s roommate, Robin Grayson (CAS ‘21), who believes that Bruce may be afflicted with MCS, or Main Character Syndrome.

“It’s the only explanation I can think of for all the weird brooding,” said Grayson. “MCS might also be the reason why he keeps dressing in a leotard and using his bedsheet as a cape.”

The intervention headed by Grayson was not well-received. “None of you understand the darkness inside of me,” Bruce said before whipping his bed sheet dramatically over his shoulder and fleeing the apartment.

Despite many such setbacks, Grayson remains hopeful that a cure for MCS can be found. He offered advice to anyone who may be witnessing the same symptoms in a friend.

“Don’t give up. We can remind them that they are not, in fact, the main character,” he said.  “Because, like…if anyone is gonna be the main character, well, my tragic backstory is so much more compelling than his. I’m just saying.”

At press time, Bruce was seen shouting, “I am the darkness” as Grayson attempted to coax him down from the fire escape.

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