It’s safe to say that, as college students, Fall is a playful romp and fun time for all. What with the well-priced and delicious seasonal beverages, the gourds, and the windy weather perfect for the hottest trends in hair such as mall bangs, I think that I can say without resistance that Fall is a generally positive season out of all of the four seasons for most people. Furthermore, Fall also sometimes goes by ‘Autumn’ which is a not-at-all-confusing and fresh way to mix things up.

As much as I hate to burst the bubble of perfection that is Fall in our minds, I have some quandaries about how this lovely season may be affecting our tree-dwelling friends. Yes, Im talking about the leaves. I have noticed from my daily jaunts along Bay State Road that many leaves have taken to being on the ground. Now, I do know that this is merely a side effect of the wonderful and necessary season that we affectionately know as Fall, but gosh, there are a lot of leaves. Yesterday I tried counting all of them and I couldn’t cause theres so many! That’s a lot of leaves! I’m pretty sure when they’re up in the trees there aren’t this many leaves, right?

My main question is, what happens now? I am not worried about the trees because, like lizards, trees can grow their leaves/tails back, but what happens for the leaves? The only way that people know how to deal with leaves is putting them into piles of other leaves. What does that accomplish? I get with snow they just put it piles somewhere else until it becomes water and then it like goes to the ocean or something, but where do the leaves go? Do leaves turn into something else too? If so, why has no one told me about this yet? Rod deserves to know!

At this point, I am sure that you understand my concern about where the leaves are going to go. To combat this abundance of leaves that we are currently encountering, I have taken it upon myself to find some  family-friendly solutions for this pesky leave situations which are as follows:

  1. Throw a Fall Party and play fun Farty (Fall Party) games like Pin the Leaf on the Leaf, Spin the Leaf, and if you’re feeling crafty, you could even make a leaf-mache piñata! And, you know what goes great inside of a leaf-mache piñata? More leaves! Picture the shock and excitement that will be on you’re friends face(s) as they remove the blindfold to see an explosion of leaves crashing down onto their apartment floor. What fun!
  2. Propose to a lover with a leaf! Why not give significance to a practically interchangeable tree-born beauty by using it as the means to the seal the deal on a life long bond of love. Just think of all the fun leaf related puns you could use when you post the announcement on Instagram: I’ll never “leaf” you, etc.
  3. Create a charity that will donate leaves to those less fortunate. There are many people in this nation who aren’t as privileged as to have such a bountiful access to leaves which we often forget. Just picture taking these leaves to a far away land such as Utah and seeing the look on people’s faces as they see their first leaf! What a thrill that’d be.

By employing any of these three easy tactics, you could provide a meaningful solution to the leaf surplus that we are currently encountering! This is like an actual issue, right? Like I can’t be the only one noticing the leaves, I’m almost positive.

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