MYLES STANDISH HALL—Greg Turner (SHA ‘20) had been looking for extracurricular ways to improve his “dedication to the craft,” and Tuesday night he decided to try something new by giving his suitemates turndown service, or preparing the bed for use by turning down the linens.

“I put on my housekeeping uniform and entered my suitemate James’ room around 9:00 that night” said Turner, who didn’t knock before walking into the room. “When I came in, James was doing some kind of choreographed dance to High School Musical that I think he made up for himself.”

When asked about James’ reaction to the situation, Turner replied that James seemed upset. “There was even a note on his door the next morning reading ‘PLEASE KNOCK!’ in all caps.”

One of Turner’s other suitemates, Alex Henderson (CAS ‘20), was not at all surprised by Turner’s intrusive behavior. “He’s done stuff like this before,” said Henderson, who remembered that “one time, I left my shoes outside of my room, and the next morning I came out to find them polished and in a shoe bag.”

After some long reflection and a discussion with his suitemates, Turner said he finally understood why his suitemate was upset by his behavior. Turner told us that in their discussion, his suitemates first “explained that a good hospitality professional would knock and announce their presence before interrupting a private High School Musical performance,” and they then gave him a demonstration of how to properly knock on the door the next time he feels the urge to enter their rooms for housekeeping. Turner is on record as saying that he now knows better, and that he hopes to use this learning experience to increase his customers’ satisfaction.

At press time, Turner was seen handcrafting DO NOT DISTURB signs so as to know the proper time to barge into his suitemates’ rooms for housekeeping.

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