SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY ADMINISTRATION—Due to recent massive budget cuts that the administration has refused to speak about, the School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) has now been renamed and overhauled as the School of Super 8 Hotel Administration (SS8HA).

We caught up with Julie Hong (SS8HA ’17) to get a sense of the kind of changes that the school’s curriculum faces.

“Well, now the professors mostly cover stuff like how to get cigarette burns out of polyester curtains and how not to look ‘shady characters’ directly in the eye,” Hong said.

New introductory courses include large lectures such as “Keeping Your Damn Mouth Shut No Matter What You See 101” and “Introductory Cleaning Up Shower Stabbings.”

Keith Lovett (SHA ’18) actually sees the new changes as a major improvement.

“It’s, like, practical, right?” Lovett expressed. “I’m not going to be the manager of a Ritz-Carlton so why not open a Super 8 in the middle of Kansas?”

The budget cuts affected the previously beautiful interior of the school, too. Most of the fluorescent hallway lights flicker, and classroom doors open up directly into the parking lot.

In addition, the school’s admission process has been streamlined. Prospective students can simply walk past the building and if the neon “Vacancies” sign is illuminated; they may enter any class.

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