BOSTON—When Julia Trask, a twenty-six-year-old marketing executive, visited her general care physician for an annual checkup, she expected a routine exam, not rampant misogyny. Dr. Ryan Costello advised Trask against traveling to Las Vegas for her friend’s bachelorette party because she has Celiac disease. Dr. Costello warned that traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic is not safe for Trask because her immune system is “weak” and that she should stay at home as much as possible.  

Trask spoke about her sexist doctor to The Pinky Toe:

“I find it extremely disgraceful that doctors still speak to women in such a chauvinistic way in 2020. I’ve been living with celiac for almost my whole life, and my immune system is as strong as my feminist values. Dr. Costello set women back fifty years by casually labeling my immune system ‘compromised.’ Women’s immune systems should not have to compromise for anything, especially not for what a man wants! ”

Furthermore, Trask argued that this is a prime example of men trying to control women. Clearly, Dr. Costello (if he even is a real doctor) felt “threatened by the idea of women going to Las Vegas together.” Trask added that he “probably thought [she] was leaving [her] husband and kids at home to go out drinking, dressed like a woman of the night.”

Dr. Costello defended himself to The Pinky Toe by claiming he “just doesn’t want her to die” and that “staying at home is the best option for her because of the pandemic.” Trask felt even more outraged at this response, saying “my personal life, or death, is none of this man’s business.” In fact, Dr. Costello assumed that Trask has a home, clearly casting judgement upon the fact she lives in an apartment with four roommates. 

At press time, The Pinky Toe staff will egg  Dr. Costello’s car.

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