ALLSTON—There have been reports earlier this week that College of Communications senior Martin Prewitt has officially begun thinking about checking Boston University’s academic calendar to see when classes for the Fall 2015 semester begin.

“Considering this is my fourth year here I feel like I should know this by now,” said Prewitt, “but I mean it’s never the same exact day every time. Always good to double check.”

Prewitt has acknowledged the not so recent change in the dynamic of the Boston University community.

“Yeah all my friends haven’t been around as much lately,” he explained. “They’re probably out buying their textbooks or something. I should probably get on that stuff too.”

Preset opened up his laptop to google “Boston University Calendar Year” but got distracted by the TV before he finished.

“I know it’s one of those ’-ber’ months,” he added “It’s either September or October. But then again classes usually start at the beginning of the month. Maybe it’s November.”

At press time Prewitt continued, “Oh shit, classes probably start in like a week. Guess the summer’s finally over,” concluded Prewitt, bundling his peacoat tighter.

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