98% of college students suffer crippling depression, and the other 2% are just lying. But if you’re nervous about getting psychiatric help, never fear! Self-care is proven just as effective as Zoloft, and validation from authority figures does more for your self-esteem than a therapist ever could. Here are 5 self-care tips that are all just analyzing the shit out of the one nice comment your professor left on your last paper.

1. Read the comment

Okay, so you wrote this paper and were like, “it’s good enough” and turned it in minutes before the deadline. But you got an A- and your professor, although her comments were minimal, did highlight one sentence and say “nice.” This will now live rent free in your head for the rest of your college career, if not your entire life.

2. Take a picture of it and post it on finsta

If you post the nice comment on finsta, chances are some of your friends will also be like “nice,” doubling or maybe tripling the amount of validation you can squeeze out of this one thing. Also, this is a great way to immortalize this little bit of validation, so you can look at it the next time you go to post a drunk crying pic.

3. Consider reaching out

There’s a chance that if you email your professor with a ‘clarifying question’ about your paper, they’ll respond with even more praise. It’s even better when you say you’re insecure about the very thing she commented on, just so that she’ll reassure you that it was always actually really good.

4. Read between the lines

What else could she mean by “nice”? She probably meant “nice point,” but maybe she means “this point is so great, you should consider pursuing this. I know you’re not an aspiring educator or even an English major, but you should actually consider teaching this class.” This is a huge honor and you should consider it, but ultimately being a professor is stressful and may not be beneficial to your clearly unstable mental health.

5. Maybe get actual help

Re-reading your professor’s one vaguely positive comment can only do so much, especially considering she’s a notoriously easy grader and everyone in this class got an A. If you made it to the end of this article and seriously considered any of these tips, you should probably see a professional!

Good luck bestie!

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