GSU LINK—In light of the recent weather pattern, SAO has decided to launch an umbrella adoption drive for umbrellas seeking a home.

Sources report that there are various types of umbrellas for those seeking to adopt including rescue umbrellas, umbrellas who ran away from home, and umbrellas who were abandoned and have grown up in the foster system.

“Because of the heat that the summer brings, people often abandon their umbrellas, leaving them in donation bins, trash cans, or even out on the street,” said Randy Natel, a worker at the umbrella drive, “The moment we realized that the weather channel app was indicating that it might rain, we knew we would be able to find homes for these umbrellas.”

The drive’s ultimate goal is to place 200 umbrellas in new homes, with the hopes to foster healthy relationships between umbrellas and their owners.

“Owning an umbrella is a serious responsibility, and I hope people take that into consideration,” explained John Lunder, an officer at SAO, “that being said, we really need to get these umbrellas to places where they can get individual attention, so if you’ve ever even considered adopting an umbrella, now is the time to come out and help the cause.”

At press time, SAO was wondering where they would find the resources to purchase food and clothing for all of these umbrellas if they don’t get adopted today.

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