WASHINGTON DC—Shortly after the New England Patriots won their NFL record-tying sixth Super Bowl on Sunday night, President Trump announced that BU’s very own Rhett’s Diner would cater the Patriots’ visit to the White House.

“What a win, what a win for the country. Nothing like a team with an American name winning an American game. I got the call from BU’s president, but not a president like me, and I said ‘yes Colonel Sanders we’d love to have your KFC at the White House,’” said President Trump in a joint statement with Boston University.

President Trump and BU’s President Brown have been in talks about bringing in Rhett’s to the White House since the Patriots’ Super Bowl win in 2017.

“It would’ve happened in 2017, but the dag flabbin’ government was open,” said President Brown.

Even though the government has reopened since the famous fast food feast at the White House to celebrate Clemson Tigers’ national title, both President Trump and President Brown agreed that Rhett’s would still cater the Pats’ visit.

“I can’t eat any of it, but hey I just like winning. I haven’t seen my good friend Donnie since the last time we won the Super Bowl” said Tom Brady in response to the Presidents’ statements.

We were able to catch up with Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft after the big win to get his take on the announcement.

“I think it’s great. Three old white guys with more money than any of their jobs are worth sitting down to eat food usually eaten by the poor college students they get their riches from, there’s nothing better. My only grievance was that I wanted Kraft Mac & Cheese to be served, but unfortunately I lost out to President Brown in a gold plated soap box derby,” said Kraft.

Unfortunately, the massive order from the White House means that both Rhett’s Diner and Rhett’s West will be closed for the remainder of the semester. Sorry Terriers, guess we’ll have to find another place to get our California Burger and shake!

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