ESPLANADE – “Time’s up” for the newly mounted Rhett Bench. The monument, which was built over the summer using money that could have gone literally anywhere else, has officially been #cancelled by Twitter for “man-spreading.”

Planted obnoxiously on the BU Beach, the Rhett Bench features the school’s famous mascot with his legs and arms splayed out, almost inviting you to hate it. Students find the statue exudes a noticeable amount of toxic masculinity for an inanimate object, and are calling for an official cancellation.

Twitter has been abuzz since the bench’s official release, with students declaring their distaste and outrage.

“I don’t like it one bit” says Jane Doe (CAS ‘21). “Rhett is taking up the whole thing, it’s not even a functional bench.”

Other students have expressed their anger through social media platforms like Twitter. “70,000 dollars and we get a statue of a dog sitting like a frat boy” writes user @Daddybrownsmustache.

Though the bench is but a few months old, the consensus seems to be clear, there is no place for man-spreading on campus, statue or human. BU has yet to take any action regarding the bronze bro, but we can only hope that it will be treated like all other #canceled subjects: quickly forced into hiding only to reappear a few years later, having not changed at all.

We have reached out to the Rhett bench personally, but have received no comment at this time.

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