Wow! In a stroke of original genius, Northeastern University invented a brand new form of education called “The Northeastern Hub,” which is set to take effect in Fall 2019. Northeastern’s innovative new model, which sorts general education requirements by life skills rather than academic disciplines, has completely transformed the landscape of college education in a way that no other university in history has matched.

“This is absolutely amazing!” recounted Kopp E. Katt, a Northeastern junior. “I am so lucky to attend a university with such inventive strategies for education. First, we pioneer the radical idea of having a dog as our mascot—Paws the Husky—then we devise an annual lobster night, and now this! The new freshmen who get to join the Northeastern Hub are really in for a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Northeastern’s deans and faculty are equally pleased with the new program. Northeastern just revamped their website, creating an entire section on the Northeastern Hub. Words such as “unique,” “sweeping,” “fresh,” and “unprecedented” stand out from the screen in red—Northeastern’s completely original school color.

What’s next for Northeastern? Their latest strategic plan entitled “NUBold” has concocted a set of groundbreaking goals such as naming a building after Rajen Kilachand, buying Berklee and forming the Berklee College of Music and Human Development, and even hiring a new university president named Ronert Nrown.

Way to go, Northeastern! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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