SLEEPER HALL — RA Cassandra Owens (COM ‘20) decided to take “floor bonding” in a new direction last Saturday with a floor RAger, a pun she thought would get her floor to maybe show up.

After realizing that more than half of her floor was over 21, Owens was hit with a spark of inspiration.

“At first I was upset because a floor of mostly juniors and seniors just doesn’t get as invested in floor events the way friend-hungry freshmen do,” Owens said. “But having older students is perfect for getting down in a safe and responsible way with all the people you see everyday in the communal bathrooms.”

“Yeah, my housing number was fucked,” says floor resident Harry Stipe (CAS ‘20). “Normally I wouldn’t go to events like this, but Cass said the booze was free.”

Owens graciously supplied all of the alcohol for the party with her own personal funds. She got one whole six pack of Natural Light – the maximum amount of alcohol for one legal drinker to have in Boston University dorms.

Because each resident can only have three guests in their room at a time, the floor event was staggered throughout the day.

The occupants of Sleeper floor seven were sorted into party groups and given a party time slot between 8am and 5:45pm, to end in time for 6pm quiet hours.

The bash did slightly exceed its time limit, and RA on call Bartholemew Rosen (ENG ‘20) was quickly at the scene after a jealous resident of Sleeper floor eight reported a noise complaint.

“And what a party it was! Things were crazy! There was beer? I thought I saw a blunt but it was just a gum wrapper. That would have been super not allowed against the rules no-no bad,” Rosen reported.

Rosen, an engineering student, hadn’t been to a party since freshman year.

At press time The Bunion learned that Owens was fined $2,000 by the state of Massachusetts for accidentally supplying an underage member of her floor with alcohol.

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