EVERYWHERE—Coordinators of the Boston University’s annual Regular Spring Break are assuring students that there are still spots available on various trips happening next week.

“We just want to make sure everyone knows they still have options”, said RSB Florida’s coordinator Shanon Frink (COM ‘15).

“Don’t worry about costs,” said RSB Boston-area’s coordinator Billy Kelly (SMG ’14), assuring a passing group of freshmen. “We have a kid who’s parent’s are picking him up Saturday. He’s from Quincy, kid’s not paying a dime!”

A program with a long history and a popular reputation among young people, RSB has been known for the variety in its opportunities, traveling to an assortment of luxurious locations including your hometown, the beach, all countries where the drinking age is lower than the U.S., that one bar you like, the set of Spring Breakers, Europe, Vermont, Hotel Commonwealth, the college of your long-term significant other, Student Village I, someplace where you’re sure to get a good profile picture, Student Village II, in your basement with your friend, and a Miami urgent care facility.

Upon being asked his opinion about “Alternative Spring Breaks” which takes more and more participants away from the RSB programs every year, RSB Canada’s coordinator appeared confused.

“People are going on ASB?” he asked, walking away mumbling to himself, “But who’s going to drink all this vodka?”

At press time your mom really hopes that you just come home.

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