STUVI 2– Recently, BU has implemented a policy of showing security guards your ‘green badge’ upon swiping into residence halls. However, for one security guard, Donny Donzella, this policy has forced him to confront the truth: he is in fact red/green colorblind.

“I kept turning students away because they had brown badges. I just assumed brown was red and that they hadn’t filled out their symptom survey,” Donzella told The Bunion.

It was only when Donzella wore a green shirt to work and a student said, “hey, nice red shirt!” that it finally dawned on him.

Donzella added that the news was bittersweet: on one hand, it explained why he gets into constant car accidents. On the other hand, he can now never pursue his dreams of becoming an Air Force pilot. 

At press time, Donzella was seen applying to a job at Boston College, where they do not take any COVID precautions.

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