BU’s recent decision to cancel Spring Break has certainly dampened spirits around campus, leaving students wondering how else they can obtain their week-long brain-cell-killing blackout. Luckily, you can skip drinking alcohol altogether and achieve your blackout in a more economical, DIY way: by huffing the chemicals you already have in your house. 

Times of binge drinking like there’s no tomorrow has become the norm during the quarantine. In order to have a memorable break, or rather a break you can’t remember at all, it’s time to take a look under the kitchen sink and get your sniffer ready. Class is guaranteed to be much more bearable when your body is present on that zoom call, but your mind is co-djing a set with DJ Pauly D on Miami beach.

To really enhance your huffing experience, try picking a theme. You could do a New York City-themed space and recreate the feeling of a grimy alleyway while you go to town on a can of lemon-scented Pledge. Or, buy some tiki torches and beach towels to have your own spring break beach party with some lighter fluid. The possibilities are endless! 

“This might be a hot take but I’m starting to prefer sniffing chemicals over boring old alcohol” Jenny Hillside (COM ‘23) “It’s dummy cheap and I don’t have to ask my roommate’s boyfriend to buy it for me. Last time I huffed Drain-o I had this wicked bad bloody nose, but it made me look so edgy- I loved it!”

While the BU student body might not be hitting the beaches this Spring Break, their brains will definitely be far from home this March.**


**The Pinky Toe does not endorse huffing anything but your regularly scheduled covid tests.

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