The Sesame Street characters may be well-known for teaching children numbers and the alphabet, but have you ever wondered how well these beloved American television puppets understand the inner workings of the stock market? Here are 5 Sesame Street characters ranked by who most understands market capitalization of stocks.

  1. The Count is obviously the Sesame Street character with the greatest knowledge of the stock market. Seriously, this mf wears a monocle and a cape. He got his series 7 in the 80s (despite doing a lot of coke), definitely invested in Amazon after its initial IPO, and sees himself as a visionary. The Count wants you to know that he doesn’t have to be doing Sesame Street because he is very rich but nonetheless enjoys training the next generation of capitalists.
  2. Oscar knows enough about the stock market but is no expert. He has a pension fund of course, and he has always invested in commodities aka gold. He is a classic libertarian who doesn’t want the government meddling in his private affairs like whether or not he has paid his taxes. Oscar is not super-rich but really wanted to be when he was a young man. He is grouchy because he wished his assets would be more valuable by now.
  3. Elmo THINKS he knows a lot about the stock market but this is only because he has a slightly above average understanding of cryptocurrencies. He definitely would tell you to invest in Bitcoin. You can find him on Reddit under the username u/tickleme69 commenting on Bitcoin message boards. *read in Elmo voice* ELMO HAS NOT SAVED FOR RETIREMENT!
  4. Grover pretty much only knows that Tesla and Apple are worth a lot of money. He knows jobs are good for the economy but is not entirely sure what NYSE stands for. If you try to talk to him about investments he’ll just yell “STONKSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” 
  5. God bless Big Bird. He doesn’t know what’s going on but just hopes the stocks have a nice day. 

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