It’s that time of year again where every film has a “for your consideration” slapped onto it. Ugh. You guessed it, awards season. But speaking of consideration, have you considered that half of the films that get drooled over at the Oscars are… bad? Let’s normalize actual good movies winning big at the Oscars. Movies with heart, movies with phenomenal characters, movies with ground-breaking stories that inspire us, move us, and make us who we are. Movies like the Barbie movies. 

These are the top 5 Barbie movies that were despicably snubbed by the Academy.

5) Barbie as Rapunzel (2002) 

The fact that this wasn’t even on the Academy’s long list for nominations in 2002 is honestly offensive. This absolute masterclass of cinema is phenomenal from start to finish. It reimagined a classic in an ingenious and welcomed way, from Gothel’s ferret sidekick, Otto, who disguised himself as a scarf, to Penelope who was just the cutest stinking dragon in the history of the moving picture. You’re lying to yourself if you didn’t try to make your artwork become a magical portal to whatever you painted like Rapunzel did, and that song that her parents engraved on her hairbrush about loving her as constantly as the stars are in the sky? Chills. 

4) Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)

This action-packed 70 minutes of pure gold is quite simply a cinematic journey that none of us will ever forget. Take note, movies that feel like they need to be four hours long to be good, you don’t! Mattel makes you feel every emotion in a tight hour and change. To start, I only have one word: Bibble. I truly could end my analysis right there. 

But I won’t. 

Barbie stars as Elina in this biological warfare flick full of familial drama and wannabe dictators. Elina lives in Fairyland but unfortunately is not a fairy. Nevertheless, she persisted. She is the chosen one and survives an airborne illness that is taking all of the other fairy’s flight powers away. Laverna, the baddie that everyone low-key loves to hate, is the only one with the antidote. This almost feels a little too close to reality, but hey, life imitates art. Honestly, Oscars to everyone involved. It’s what they deserve.

3) Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)

Barbie really pushes her range in this film, going method and actually physically turning into a swan for her portrayal of Odette. Of course, the Academy failed to recognize her efforts and gave Best Actress to Nicole Kidman or whatever. Anyways, the stakes in this love story are literally  life and death. When Odile (who is voiced by Janice from Friends) shows up to Prince Daniel’s ball disguised as Odette? I would genuinely like to see Scorsese try and make something as compelling. Kelsey Grammer really brought his A-game for his portrayal of Rothbart, making this 2003 film one for the books. Look, Barbie of Swan Lake walked so that The Shape of Water could run, and I think it’s time people start respecting that. 

2) Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)

First of all, this movie was released in 3D, which should automatically make it a major contender at the Academy Awards. Alas, no such luck. You either wanted to live in the Cloud Kingdom and paint the sunset every morning while riding on your pegasus or you are not being honest with yourself. The visuals were top tier, as were the costumes. Queen Rayla did not need to pop off as much as she did in her fit, but she did. And Shiver! The cute little polar bear that Annika befriends! Come on! I don’t remember that from The Godfather Part II. The third act went off and Aidan was undeniably adorable. At this point, the Academy is just being rude.

1) Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)

Where to even begin? Genevieve and her freaking cool 11 other sisters live with their King (in both senses of the word) dad in the dopest castle that I have ever seen. Duchess Rowena sucks but she is no match for Genevieve and her soccer team of a family. When Genevieve discovers that she can open the portal to a magical pavilion by dancing in their bedroom — I really don’t even have the words. It was just so good? And it didn’t even need to be this good? But it was! It was avant-garde cinema that pushed the envelope. The symbols and meanings must have simply gone over the Academy’s heads. In order to break free of the pavilion Derek, the super hot cobbler, and Genevieve have to dance together in a touching and poignant moment that Kramer vs. Kramer could literally never achieve. In the end Genevieve defeats Rowena and saves the day. Too bad she can’t save the Barbie movies from being robbed by the Academy time and time again… Hey, there’s always next year. 

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