Photoshoped by Ahmin Thornhill (COM '22)

WARREN TOWERS—Picture this: Warren Floor 11B RA Connor Lin (CAS ‘19) approaches James Hipton (COM ‘22) in the bathroom.

“Oh, hi,” Lin says. “How have you been?”

“Fuck off, Connor,” Hipton responds.

“Okay, I will do just that!” Lin says with smile and a thumbs up.

Lin then crawls into a stall in the bathroom, sits down on the toilet, and cries his eyes out. He hates this stupid job!

What you’ve just read is a typical day in the life of a Warren Towers RA. Scared, lonely, gasping for breath when he should just be enjoying a pee.

The worst part of the job, according to Lin, is when he has to host one of the two required floor events each semester. Usually, the best option is taking his floor to a Rhett Talk, but attendance to those has been depressingly low.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore,” said Lin. “I’m the most hated person in the eyes of my floor posse. We go to Rhett Talks but my floor always stands up and leaves or just gives me the finger.”

Lin just wants to know where the hostility comes from. As a freshman, he had barely seen his RA. Lin was hoping he could change things during his time as an RA, to really create a supportive community.

According to Lin, his floor has launched an all-out war against him. As we observed during our time on the floor, at least one resident is assigned to stand near Lin’s room and periodically open and close a door really loudly.

“I don’t get why they do it,” said Lin. “It’s literally 3 in the morning.”

At press time, floor residents were seen conspiring in the common room, plotting their next attack. Stay safe out there Lin!

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