COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION—Wearing black thick-rimmed glasses, bangs and a romper with sunflowers on it, Sandy Kline (COM ‘15)’s status as the “quirky” girl in lecture has been reclassified as “adorkable”, reports indicated.

After spending her summer break working at an ironic pizza shop/video rental store in New York’s East Village, the 21-year-old senior from Montclair, New Jersey explained that she gained a better understanding of “filmmakers, musicians, New Yorkers and people in general.”

“I spent a lot of my time hanging in Tompkins Square Park, playing my uke and reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants!” Kline giddily exclaimed. “I also got a new tattoo of a silhouette of TARDIS on my ankle. Isn’t it kooky?”

The advertising major stated that she enjoys standing out from the sorority girls and frat boys in her class.

This year, Kline moved into an Allston apartment with three male roommates of varying diversity. Reports indicate that the four enjoy making sangria, going out to brunch, and playing in a lo-fi acoustic folk band.

“We call our apartment the ‘Bouncy House’ and we always have our Christmas lights on,” stated Kline as she jumped on a pile of particularly crunchy leaves.

Fellow students seem impressed by the bubbly student’s transformation from quirky to adorkable. Angela Johnson (COM ‘16), described as ‘mousy’ and ‘hip’ by her friends, thinks Kline can be a role model for younger students.

“She totally gets it. I saw her at a party at the Bouncy House and she was just singing a song in the kitchen without a care in the world,” explained Johnson.

Cobb’s adorkable personality has also caught the attention of BU’s illustrious male population.

“She’s hot. But in a not-hot kind of way,” commented Duke Larson (SMG ‘15), explaining “on behalf of bros.” Larson then went on to high-five his friends and talk about chugging beer, while secretly trying to hide his insecurities.

“He can fuck himself,” Kline cooly retorted, before turning onto Newbury Street and slightly spilling her coffee, but only enough to make her giggle at herself.

At press time, Kline was thinking about moving to Paris.

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