HOME — Davis Monroe (QST ’21) has been able to find his way to the long sought-after adult table this Thanksgiving afternoon. After many years of improving his reputation and putting himself out there during family barbeques, Davis has finally earned a spot among the aunts uncles.

After making a big splash while visiting his grandmother in hospice, Davis was able to show a sense of responsibility that neither has siblings, nor cousins exhibited. The death of his grandma proved not only to be pivotal for opening up a seat at the adult table, but also for Davis’s ability to show his adult-like manners.

 Another crucial moment in Davis’s journey came when Davis’s reminded his Aunt Peg to remove the stuffing from the oven. This heroic moment became a game changer that had Davis’s named circling among the tenured seat-holding relatives all evening.

John, the oldest of the four Monroe siblings, was tasked with finding a replacement for their grandmother’s seat. Davis, using his networking skills, looking for a common denominator to start a conversation with John that would leave a lasting impression on him. 

Through some research, Davis discovered that they both knew his mom, Kathy, who coincidentally happened to be John’s sister (Davis’ uncle). This lead to Davis asking John, “so, how do you know Kathy?” And lead to a great conversation where John said he’d like to circle back with Davis about the empty seat.

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around he was given the nod of approval after a small interview by the eldest cousin who wanted to make sure he was the right fit for the adult table environment.

Davis thanks Questrom for the necessary skills to obtain this seat, and also to his grandmother for dying. 

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