RICH HALL—Students staged aggressive protests this week after Timothy Davis (CAS ‘18)—who was allegedly on crutches—inconvenienced other students by taking the elevator to the second floor.

“It was really inconsiderate,” said Angelica Corbin (COM ’17), who was on her way to the fourth floor when the incident occurred.  “There is a reason people invented stairs, and that is so people can walk on them.”

As Davis exited the elevator, classmates reportedly shouted insults for the entire 3.7 seconds it took for the elevator doors to shut.

The angry students then coalesced around their shared hatred to form a protest movement called, “Be Aware Of The Stair.”

“Some students helped this kid get out of the elevator,” said Jack Anderson (SMG ’17), the movement’s leader. “I get that he had crutches, but he’s not a king or a duke!”

At press time, Davis was seen tumbling down the stairs in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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