CAS— Professor Hilda Hernandez’s Intro to Paleoethnobotany class took an odd turn after a student asked when grades from a recent test would be put on Blackboard.

Hernandez responded, “Oh! How silly of me! I almost forgot,” before slowly writing out the entire class’s grades on the blackboard at the front of the classroom. The Paleoethnobotany students looked on in horror, but the loudest gasps came when the students realized that Derek was the only one among them who had failed.

“I was confused and embarrassed to see that Professor Hernandez was writing our grades on the literal blackboard,” said Elizabeth Lee (CAS ‘20). “But when she put up Derek’s 35%, an audible groan of pity filled the classroom.”

“I’m not mad about the grade,” Derek sobbed. “35% is the highest I’ve gotten on a test all semester. But the way she put it up on the blackboard for everyone to see was so mortifying. She shouldn’t be teaching. I mean, she thinks the BU Hub is a hangout spot.”

At press time, Derek was seen helping himself to generous portions of dining hall ice cream.

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