CAS—As the semester comes to a close, students get more nervous about their grades. Because he went easy on grades this semester, Professor Arthur E. Clarp has sent his American History students their midterm grades, along with his Amazon wishlist.

Many students were shocked by the items were listed on Professor Clarp’s wishlist.

Allison Matthers (CAS ’20), a student in Professor Clarp’s American History class, said “I was shocked that I got an A- on my midterm. But, I was even more shocked when Professor Clarp sent me a link to the George Foreman grill he wants.”

Items on Professor Clarp’s wishlist ranged from wads of cash, various gift cards and Holiday gifts for his kids.

“Yeah, I failed the midterm. It’s okay. Professor Clarp told me I could get back 30 points if I bought his son the new iPad Pro. Is he making us buy gifts for his family members? How much is BU paying him?

At press time, Professor Clarp hinted that he would give everyone extra credit on their finals if they buy him all the items he desires. His students refuse to buy him a trailer.

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