BOSTON, MA – President Brown is happy to announce the implementation of the new program called Learn From Boston University, LfBU. The new program will be enforced during the Fall 2021 semester. Students will be required to live on campus in order to attend Boston University. 

LfBU, is the first of its kind in the post-pandemic world. Students will be able to attend all their classes in person. Unfortunately, if students are placed in quarantine housing, they will have to fail all their classes since Zoom will no longer be available. Tough luck!

In an effort to prepare for a new LfBU program, we will be increasing tuition for this upcoming semester. As a result of all the facilities being fully operational, the university will be increasing tuition by 15%. 

Questroom student, Mooney Hungary, stated “I don’t know about the new program. I really like that I can do classes while sleeping in my bed.” He continued, “I’m fine with the price not changing, it doesn’t make a difference to me as a Questrom student.”

The university will suspend COVID-19 testing sites and the mandatory mask regulations. Brown stated, “I’m so happy to for the students to experience the University in a new way.

College of General Studies student, Dubious Assai, said “If I miss two weeks because of COVID it’s not really like I missed anything. I probably missed coloring a book or two.” 

Boston University has created a new website called, LfBU, for more information about the new program for the fall. The LfBU program will be available in the fall for the price of $1 million dollars.

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