EAST CAMPUS—Late yesterday evening, University President Robert A. Brown accidentally sent out the draft of an incomplete e-mail. The message, which we have posted below in its entirety, appears to be a template used by President Brown for the various e-mails he has sent in response to school-wide tragedies during the past semester.

Continue reading to see the transcript of President Brown’s unfinished message to the BU Community.

Boston University Office of the President
Robert A. Brown
President One Silber Way
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
(Include Date Here)

Dear (Choose all groups that apply: Friends / Students / Parents / Faculty / Staff) of (Boston University / the Boston University Community)*,

It is with great (sad noun) that I must report that (details of tragic event). (Additional details)**. I have learned that (details of work being done by law enforcement and emergency services in response to tragic event). The University is also currently (description of what Boston University is doing in response to tragic event).

Our thoughts and prayers go to (group(s) affected). This tragedy comes close on the heels of (last most recent tragic event), which deeply affected our community. There are resources for discussing your feelings and concerns. (List of crisis resources)***. I recognize that these have been challenging days for Boston and for Boston University.

Once again we are faced with (tragic event). While we continue to work to provide (service provided) and (compassion word) to (group(s) affected), each of us should hold close all our (2 words for different types of people), as we all been shaken by (tragic event).

(Choose most appropriate: Yours, / Sincerely, / Yours Sincerely, / Other Closing****)

Robert A. Brown
*Appending “of Boston University / of the Boston University Community” to greeting is optional.
** In “Additional Details”, please include any known mortality rates of tragic event, details on victim(s) (if any), and other specific details such as time of occurrence, address, etc.
*** Copy most appropriate department names and phone numbers from “Crisis Services” section of employee handbook (see back page).
**** If selecting “Other Closing”, personalized closing message must be provided by user.

***** rabsig.gif can be found on the shared drive in the directory “Boston University (B:) > Staff > Secretary > Resources > Email > Fake Signatures”.

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