It’s a typical day. You’re procrastinating studying for your midterm and scrolling through Instagram. As you dive into the stories section, you notice something strange. The guy who told you that you “were overreacting” and “it’s not that deep” has posted a story encouraging his followers to take care of their mental health. 

This development is shocking, but you carry on as usual and continue to mindlessly scroll for two hours. Then, a day later he posts a selfie using the indie kid filter. The caption states: “reminder to take care of yourself. get some rest. drink water. reach out if you need me.” 

Interesting, considering he left you on read when you were having an allergic reaction. 

As the days go by, he uploads more generic posts offering his empathy to anyone struggling. His new demeanor could be a change of heart. He could be growing as a person and learning from his past behavior of asking for nudes after you sent him a message about your mom being in the hospital. 

A week later, he posts a video that can only be described as a visual attack. He somehow propped his camera against a brick wall and nonchalantly walks around as lo-fi hip hop beats play in the background. He drags his hands adorned with black nail polish through his freshly bleached hair. The caption states, “life can be so crazy sometimes aha. if you guys ever feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath. i’m always here to listen <3”

It’s a rough day for you. School is tough, the world feels like it’s in shambles, and the pressure of trying to keep it all together is getting to you. He posts another selfie of his face illuminated by his red LED lights with the caption: “hope you guys are well. feel free to hit me up if you need to :)” 

So, you decide to take him up on his offer and reach out to talk. You type out all of your feelings, fears, and hopes that have been plaguing you. You anxiously hit send and wait. And wait.

In an effort to manifest his reply, you put on some of his favorite artists. You queue up Logic, Tame Impala, and Juicewrld… and wait. 

A full 24 hours passes until he simply responds, “aw that sucks 🙁 idk what you want me to do tho…”

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