Alex Schaffer

Alex is a graduate student from West Virginia studying in the MS Television program. The first concert she attended was Bruce Springsteen when she was 8, so she has a really strong fist pump.

Close the wage gap.

Women supporting women.

Women’s rights are human rights.

These are just a few of the beliefs I live by … when men aren’t around.

Shouldn’t I want to be with someone who shares the same values as me? I shouldn’t have to be a “pick me” girl just to be loved, right?


If a guy I’m interested in tells me, “Women aren’t funny,” I’ll smile and laugh at all his jokes that group all women together. According to him, we all love shopping and are super emotional. So true, bestie! 

When I want him to come over I make a Facebook post that starts with “Not all men…” and I frequently have to reassure him that he’s one of the good ones. Yeah – I may be sacrificing my dignity, but at least a skinny boy with an unlimited supply of Juul Pods might take me to Olive Garden.

For added effect, I follow Candace Owens on Twitter because she really knows how to make men feel good about themselves…except Harry Styles. But there’s a point in a young woman’s life where she realizes that she will never have a chance with Harry Styles – but you know who she does have a chance with? Kyle. Chad. Brad. Some guy with a name like A.J., E.J. or T.J.

In conclusion, I may share a cute, pink graphic about reproductive rights on my Instagram story, but if a potential mate asks me my opinion on something, I’ll just say, “Whatever Abby Shapiro thinks is good enough for me.”


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