BOSTON, MA — This morning, I stepped on the BU seal and immediately realized I made a terrible mistake. A minute later I received an email from Boston University accounting services being notified my student account was charged. I clicked the link when my phone prompted the DUO app. Student Link shows that my student account was charged $79,606. 

I called accounting services where they told me that they were notified that I had stepped on the seal. Mooney Hungary, BU Director of Financial Aidnotified me that “Unfortunately since you stepped on the seal you are unable to graduate on time and will subsequently be charged an extra year of tuition. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but can’t wait to see you in the fall on campus!” 

A few minutes later, I returned to the BU seal and debated if I should walk on it again to reverse the charges. A minute later, I walked on the BU seal again and I got another notification on my Student Link account. My email stated that I had received another charge on my BU account. I opened Student Link again but received a notification from the DUO app to log in. I see another charge of $80,606. I called Boston University Accounting Services and Mooney Hungary said, “We are so excited to welcome you into the Master’s program in the College of Communication.” 

I responded, “I don’t understand why the tuition is more expensive this time.” Mooney Hungary replied, “Well we have more expenditures to account for now!” 

A few weeks later I was walking around Marsh Chapel and I accidentally tripped on the BU seal. A minute later I received an email with an announcement from COM; “BU is so excited to announce the new changes to the COM curriculum to mirror the College of Engineering (ENG). COM students will be expected to perform quantum analysis on film projects. They will soon begin to project how fast light moves in cinema.”

It was at that moment I realized – I have now sold my soul to Boston University. 

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