CENTRAL CAMPUS—BU boasts an incredibly vibrant, social, and ambitious Freshman class. Yet, one thing is causing confusion amongst the campus’ newest Terriers, and it’s not the now vintage acronym “SMG.”

“That one girl in the 2019 Boston University Facebook page isn’t really living up to our expectations,” explains Ben Schwarz (COM ’19). “She was hysterical! She posted everyday! I used to read her posts on the Class of 2019 page before I would read the news every morning!”

Schwarz isn’t the only one who feels ike  the social hierarchy dictated by the Facebook page hasn’t come to fruition since classes started in September. Along with Schwarz, Freshman Kate Sanders (COM ’19) is feeling abandoned and confused.

“You’d think that girl who posted that meme about the chipotle on Facebook would be a rockstar. We were prepared to follow her, to support her in throughout college because she felt like she wasn’t just in the Facebook group, she was a part of us all. I told my parents about her.”

The Freshman that they’re all talking about is Carly Japorte (CAS ’19). She is an economics major, and you may have heard her name being tossed around during any of the ice breakers at orientation. Orientation Leaders were encouraged to go around in a circle and answer questions like, “What was your favorite thing Carly posted?” and “Do you know Carly Japorte?”

“I’m just a little thrown off by all of this. I thought she was the one I could look to for advice or for help navigating the social scene,” Schwarz continues. “I’ve been Facebook friends with her since December of last year when we all got in ED. When I saw her in the dining hall the other day, she just sat there like a human.”

At press time, all BU freshmen were struggling with the known fact that their muse had fallen like so many before her, and they were going to have to seek out real friends in this cold, cold world.

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