MORSE AUDITORIUM—As Carter Graham (CAS ‘22) heard his professor announce that his Introduction to Political Theory midterm would take place in the coming week, he declared right away that he would not be participating in midterms.

“As a free thinking scholar, something I understand is that participation in midterm elections is ineffective, as my vote won’t really make an impact on our tyrannical political system,” stated Graham. “Participation in midterm examinations is equally ineffective.”

In further explaining his decision to skip exams, Graham stated that rather than being “one of the sheeple blindly accepting BU’s corrupt system of education based around obedience rather than intelligence,” he would prefer to spend his time “forging his own intellectual destiny” by doing “truly high-level activities, such as reading Nietzsche in Pavement Coffeehouse and playing the GSU piano.”

Graham has publicized his anti-midterm philosophy by shouting at passersby through a megaphone in front of the GSU in hopes to gain ideological followers. Though most onlookers have either completely ignored Graham’s aggressive strategy or ridiculed his ideas heavily, Graham retains his confidence in the movement, stating that he believes it will probably make him BU’s next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At press time, Graham was seen explaining his revolutionary midterm philosophy, and his D- in Political Theory, over the phone to his parents.

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