BOSTON—All across Boston University’s Campus, at the conclusion of last night’s third and final Presidential Debate, students studying political science simultaneously realized that their field of specialty is close to being irrelevant in popular culture for another four years, sources confirmed.

Reports say that John Cavanaugh (CAS ‘13), who was the president of his political science discussion club in high school, was visibly disturbed last night after turning off his TV and realizing that the only other time when his friends in other majors will be willing to talk to him about politics is during the election itself. “Uh oh. I better make this last month count,” he said, before logging into his favorite political discussion forum to buff up on talking points.

“I’ve been looking forward to being a college student in an election year for so long,” said fellow political science major Tim Epstein (CAS ’12), “I’ve almost lost sight of how fun it actually is to explain to someone what I think about the answers each candidate gave to last night’s debate questions. I should probably just take a deep breath and enjoy this. This is probably the most that my opinion will matter for the rest of college,” he added, sighing wistfully.

Sources say that the other 97% of the student body have their eyes on the horizon. “I just can’t wait until I have time to catch up on reality TV,” said one student surveyed on Marsh Plaza. “Two months of talking about politics every four years is more than enough for me.”

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