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kicking & screening

Join Annette and Veronica as they debate the best and worst movies, match quotes to characters, and rank the hottest Disney dads!

Created by Annette O’Dell (QST ’23) and Veronica Harris (COM ’23)

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feet pics

Welcome to Feet Pics, a brand new podcast presented by The Pinky Toe, Boston University’s premiere feminist satire magazine. Join hosts Reid and Sam as they talk to guests about the world of womanhood, and all it has to offer.

Created by Reid Phillips (COM ’22) and Samantha Dilsheimer (COM ’22)

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Dunces & Dragons

A D&D adjacent podcast. There’s five people and only one person actually knows how to play, but they’ve never run a game. Heavily home-brewed and strictly rules-as-fun.

Created by Abisola Akinsete (CAS ’22)

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Join Alan Cones as he uncovers all the hidden truths about Boston University.

Created by Robert Branning (COM ’21)

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