By Amanda Levitt

Self-care is about doing things for you, being selfish, and making time to better your life.

We know that midterm season is stressful, and the lack of sleep, nutrition, and social interaction is probably getting you down. So, we compiled a list of 10 self-care practices to follow after you most likely failed all your midterms (yes, even the COM one you swore you didn’t need to study for). We got you.

Make some tea, light a candle, and read a book.

Putting your phone away is good for you. Take advantage of this fall weather, get cozy, and put your schoolwork away for a while.

Take a bath.

This time, you can bring your phone. Maybe snapchat bae for a bit, get spicy, and have some fun! Maybe even grab your favorite rubber duckies and reenact your favorite TV show scene! We don’t mind, really.

Do some journaling.

Introspection is good for you. Rant about how your friends are ignoring you, your boyfriend is suffering from erectile dysfunction, and how much you hate your classes.

Pour yourself a drink.

Only if you’re 21, of course (we don’t care what state you’re 21 in). Continue journaling and use the drink as a way to REALLY get in-tune with your inner thoughts; then, poof. You’ll get the best idea yet, which will go something like this:

Email all your professors and tell them you’re dropping out for mental health reasons.

Clearly, if your classes are causing your GPA to drop horrendously along with your mental state, you must switch things up. For fuck’s sake, you don’t even like it here. Who cares?

In anticipation of your professors’ responses, throw your computer out your bedroom window.

Why wait to hear someone else’s thoughts? You’re the baddest bitch alive- you deserve to have the last word.

Patch up your window

You don’t want your landlord- or your parents (who are paying your rent)- to find out.

Head over to marsh chapel and jump on the seal until you nearly break your ankle.

I mean, you’re not a BU student anymore, right?

Buy a live lobster from Eataly and release it into the Charles River.

It may not be the ocean, but you’re doing this little guy a favor. He won’t know the difference between soiled river water and saltwater. You’ll feel like you’ve paid it forward. 

Jump into the Charles River (au naturale) and swim with your new lobster friend for a refreshing workout!

Nothing like a workout to prompt a good night’s sleep! This will guarantee that you start the next day off on the right foot!

Midterms are dumb, college is a waste of time, and we live on a floating rock. These practices will help you to feel grounded and reset.

This also may be a great time to tell you to buy a new laptop.

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