Say what you will about the Rhett Bench, whether it be that he is sculpted by the gods or just plain old eye-candy, but it’s time to start calling him what he really is: a himbo. 

Why is the Rhett Bench a Himbo? Well, let’s consider the facts. First and foremost, the Rhett Bench practically has his own gun show, so much so that BUPD has already gotten involved. Secondly, he’s the nice boy you could bring home on Thanksgiving. Rhett bench could certainly hold his own while you navigate your conservative side of the family. Lastly, he’s dumb. His head? Truly empty… no thoughts.

In the age of changing gender roles and re-evaluating the needs within modern relationships, the Rhett Bench might just be the himbo that every girl needs. Instead of begging a boy for his limited attention, you’ll be better off sitting right next to a rock-hard hunk who won’t judge you for ranting about your friend’s love life or how your rights as a woman are going to be taken away by Amy Coney Barrett.

As you sit next to the beefy statue think of how good you have it with a large, loyal figure at your side. One who could never stray from the path of faithfulness- not only because he can’t even walk, but because even if he could, he definitely wouldn’t have the brain capacity to hurt you. You can spend the rest of your days admiring the beauty of Boston University accompanied by your very own dumb hunk, Rhett Bench.

The Rhett Bench may be BU’s infamous figure, but at the end of the day, a himbo is a girl’s best friend.

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