It was a day I’ll never forget. September 8th, 2020. Kim Kardashian announced via Instagram that Keeping Up With The Kardashians would cease production after it’s 20th season. I was gutted. What am I supposed to base my entire personality off of now? Where would my fun, snarky one-liners come from without Khloe and Kourtney’s quips? How would I be able to go on without seeing Khloe yell at people on the phone?

I mean, as if 2020 could get any worse! When I finally went outside, I saw everyone wearing these weird masks all of the sudden? I guess people started realizing how ugly they were and decided to finally do something about it. To avoid the uggos, I’ve been locked in my childhood bedroom bingeing all Kardashian material after BU announced it’s extended spring break. It started out pretty awesome, except for the fact that I couldn’t seem to get plane tickets to Miami, which was really random. Anyways, after Kim’s dreadful announcement, I didn’t have anything to fill my time, so I decided to hop on BuzzFeed to find a long lost Kardashian article. Instead, I found something truly shocking.

A global pandemic? Coronavirus? I missed all of it. Apparently a lot of people died, including my Great Aunt Sharon, but there wasn’t even a real shiva (no cookies? No assorted deli sandwiches?), so why should I care? Maybe 2020 is the new year of realizing stuff. Like realizing that Kris Jenner will probably join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so we’ll still get that sweet, sweet, content.

And in that moment, I realized that Kourtney was right: there’s really people that are dying.

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