CAS – There was revelry in the streets today after chemistry freshman Clive Sullivan (CAS ‘19) successfully got Professor Arline Chaffin’s laptop to project onto the classroom screen.

“Children today are so intelligent,” said Chaffin. “Clive was able to get right to the bottom of the technological crisis and save the day.”

The class was overwhelmingly grateful for the effort, immediately rallying the town into a frenzy of celebration. The class was scheduled to watch a vaguely chemistry-related movie, and almost entered into crisis mode when technical difficulties arose.

“I had no experience with this kind of thing before,” Sullivan explained, “but I picked up on the fact that the laptop wasn’t connected to anything, and knew I had a lead.”

Students in the class worked quickly and effortlessly to acquire the proper permits and licenses to throw a parade, and word spread quickly over the technological miracle.

“People ended up getting a lot more excited than I expected,” said Sullivan. “They asked me to kiss a baby. Where did they get a baby? Was the baby in the class already?”

The praise did not end there, as paperwork was submitted to begin erecting a statue in honor of Sullivan’s heroism.

At press time, the parade had ended almost exactly when class did, denying them the chance to watch the film anyway.

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