BU—After Dean Elmore’s announcement that BU’s gender neutral housing initiative would be eliminated in the upcoming months in favor of more pressing issues such as securing housing for transfer students and ensuring Freshmen students aren’t placed in Danielsen Hall, extremely out-of-touch student Kyle Vorhees (COM ‘14) has begun a petition to allow freshmen to live in Danielsen.

“I saw how enraged the supporters of gender-neutral housing petition were, and I thought, it’s equally unfair that freshmen may not be able to live in one of BU’s best dorms,” Vorhees stated while refreshing his browser to see if his petition had surpassed the 1 signature milestone. “I mean, I lived in Danielsen, and I had a great time. I made a lot of friends there, and I don’t want future freshmen to be denied that opportunity.”

According to Vorhees’s petition, Boston University should “grant the rights of every freshmen to select any residence still allotted by the housing assignment system, be it Danielsen, quads in Warren or even triples in Hojo. But not West Campus,“ a clause in the petition states. “No one should have to live there.”

“Everyone’s so upset about this gender neutral housing thing, but I bet there are just as many people angry about not letting freshmen into Danielsen. How could Dean Elmore even consider that freshmen may like it there?”

“It really is a rights issue,” Vorhees added. “ Freshmen are people, too. They deserve the right to be in Danielsen. It may be a walk, but it’s a great place to live during your first year.”

Vorhees indicated that he intends to hand-deliver the petition to President Robert Brown’s home at 1:00 pm, about an hour after the gender neutral petition is dropped off.

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