Everyone you talk to at BU will have a different favorite spot to pump breast milk in the Warren Towers City Convenience. There are a lot of heated opinions on every side of this controversial issue, which makes sense considering that a recently released survey revealed that 84% of BU undergrads are actually single moms. 

Since we here at The Bunion care very deeply about our lactating parents on the go, we decided to put together a comprehensive ranking of our personal favorite spots to pump breast milk in City Co. So whether you’re in a rush at the middle of a busy day, or just jumpin’ for some pumpin’, we’ve got you covered.

5. Behind The Subway Sandwich Bar

At first thought, we know this one seems like a no-brainer. There’s lots of space, plenty of cups, and tupperware to collect milk in. The biggest drawback however, is the incredible amount of uncovered meat, cheese, and vegetables all within, what we in the breastfeeding community refer to as, the “splash zone”

Look, nobody likes a dry sandwich, but once you give one person breast milk on their BLT, then you have to give everyone breast milk on their BLT, so it’s better to just avoid this spot altogether.

4. In The Back Next to The Refrigerators

Another spot that might seem obvious at first, there’s lots of traction on the floors there so you can get a nice athletic stance, and plenty of reading material on the back of the cereal boxes if you start to get bored halfway through. The biggest drawback is that this is the most secluded spot on this list. If there’s one thing us experts here at The Bunion know about breastfeeding mothers, it’s that they HATE privacy, so we would only recommend this spot if you’ve got a big group of friends to come hang out with you while you pump.

3. Standing in The Checkout Line

Getting into the really good spots now, the checkout line is an obvious classic. There’s plenty of people around for emotional support, and the ground is already carpeted in case you spring a leak. This is the most consistently solid choice on this list, and our recommendation for anyone in a hurry, but for some reason wants to inconvenience everyone around them.

2. Hunched Over In The Front Doorway

If there’s one thing we know about new parents, it’s that their love of pumping breastmilk is only second to their love for acting as a human hurdle in the middle of a doorframe of a convenience store at peak hours. Don’t be afraid to really make yourself as wide as possible, and bonus points if you can lasso the feet of people walking by with the tubes from your pump.

  1. In Front of The Self Serve Dunkin’ Station

They always run out of creamer. We appreciate any and all donations.

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