Dear Rhett Bench,

This is a really hard letter for me to write. I’ve started and deleted and started again so many times. Look, I’ve always been a self conscious dog. Since I was a little puppy I’ve had people making fun of my height, wheezing condition, and bug-eyes. I try to go to the gym, but my wheezing makes it difficult. I try to eat better, but it doesn’t always work out. I try to sculpt my thighs and buy fancy equipment, but I usually get tired.

When I first walked by and saw your sculpted, bulging muscles and thick thighs it just brought me back to when I was bullied. I’ve always wanted to have a body like yours, but to know that other people also want me to just fills my aging heart with sadness.

I’ve been starving myself for a few days now and going to the gym 20 hours a day, despite my doctor’s recommendations to stay away from overworking my fragile body.

I also recently started going back to my therapist when I landed myself in the hospital due to a lack of eating. She told me to make a dream journal complete with pictures and descriptions of my dream, healthy body. It ended up just being pictures of you though.

One day I hope to walk by you and not feel crippling self hatred.


P.S. Do you eat some sort of protein shake?

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